Speed and convenience

Via 3L AS has been handling our international transport for some 7 years now. Their main advantage for us is speed and their competent team. Via 3L has terminals for picking up cargo, thus speeding up the transport process and making the service convenient. We are sure to continue using the services of Via 3L AS into the future and would recommend them to others as well.


Liana Lepik
Purchase Manager
Da Vinci Food OÜ

da vinci food

Responsiveness, innovation and flexibility

We have been a customer of Via 3L AS since 2010, and they handle our road transport to and from Finland. The Via 3L team is competent and cooperative. The employees are always customer-focused and very friendly. The strengths of the company include responsiveness, innovation and flexibility when solving problems. The price of the service matches the demands of the market. We will surely continue cooperation in the future and I have recommended our excellent partner to others as well.

Helgi Ost

A united, professional and friendly team

Via3L Spedition’s greatest value is their united, professional and friendly team. Mööblifurnituur AS has been a customer of Via 3L AS since 2011 and we mainly use their freight forwarding service to import cargo. Besides the professional people, we also value the convenient and user-friendly web environment of Via 3L for submitting orders. Our cooperation will definitely continue and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Via 3L Spedition to others as well.

Triinu Kriisk
Purchase Manager
Mööblifurnituur OÜ